Call for Artists - Community Peace Mural

Project Summary:

The City of Brantford seeks to hire an artist/workshop facilitator to create a collaborative Community Peace Mural. The artist/workshop facilitator will be responsible for developing and leading five public workshops for community members to participate in the design and creation of the final community peace mural.

The overall theme for this mural project is unity through our differences, celebrating the real human stories behind our increasingly diverse community. The idea for a Community Peace Mural project took inspiration from the Pieces for Peace project, a collaborative effort supported by the City of Brantford, the Laurier Hub for Community Solutions, the Brantford Immigration Partnership, and other partners. The Community Peace Mural is an artistic opportunity for residents from diverse background to share their stories and perspectives.

Project Location:

The project location is the wall to the right of the stairs ascending from the Market St. Parkade to Colborne St. E. (images below). The surface area of the mural location is 54.55 m2. The stairs and landing could also be included in an artist’s proposal, if the artist proposes a plan for how that space could be included.

Figure 1: Photo of Final Mural Location

Figure 1: Photo of Final Mural Location

Figure 2: Surface Area of Project Location (54.55 m2)


Figure 2: Surface Area of Project Location (54.55 m2)

Project Timelines:

The project will run between March 25 – July 31, 2024, with the following key milestones:

Call for Artist/Workshop Facilitator closes (submission deadline) March 20, 2024 at 4:30 p.m.
Review Panel March 21 and 22, 2024
Artist/Workshop Facilitator selected and hired By March 25, 2024
Project supplies (as identified by Artist/Workshop Facilitator) purchased By March 31, 2024
Artist/Workshop Facilitator works with the City to host 5 public mural design/creation workshops April to June 2024
Artist/Workshop Facilitator completes mural at the project location June to Mid-July 2024
Artist/Workshop Facilitator attends ribbon cutting ceremony for the project July 2024

Project Budget and Resources:

The itemized budget for the project is as follows:

Professional Artist/Workshop Facilitator Fee (to be paid in 2 instalments)  $7,000
Materials and Supplies for the Project (list to be provided by the artist to be purchased by the City)  $2,000
Additional resources needed for the project, including venue bookings for public workshops (to be booked and paid for by the City) $1,000

How to Apply:

The following information will be required for each submission:

  • Complete Submission Form
  • CV or Resume
  • Examples of previous work
  • References
  • Itemized list of required arts supplies (including the quantity of each item, the cost of each item, and where to purchase each item)

Submit for Call for Artists - Community Peace Mural

All interested artists are also encouraged register for the Brantford Artist Database by visiting

The deadline for submissions is March 20, 2024 at 4:30 p.m., no late submissions can be accepted.

We thank all interested artists for their time, only the selected artist will be contacted. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Almeida, Admin and Project Coordinator at