Find Housing

Before you arrive:

  • Find a place to stay temporarily until you can arrange permanent housing.
  • Learn about available permanent housing and costs.
  • Find a home that is close to your job and to public transportation.
  • Estimate your monthly living costs.
  • Once you make a decision about housing, learn about utility companies and other costs associated with housing, and where to find local shops such as grocery stores near you.

Housing in Brantford

  • Available housing in Brantford includes apartments, semi-detached houses, and detached houses.
  • Brantford Access to Housing provides information about different types of housing in Brantford.
  • Cost for rent of a one bedroom apartment is approximately $1,300 per month.
  • Cost for rent of a 3 bedroom apartment is approximately $1,600 per month.


The first step to finding a new place to live is to decide what you will need.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I need a big or small home?
  • Does it need to be close to work?
  • Does it need to be close to schools?
  • What is my budget?

You will also need to sign a lease or rental agreement. This agreement will describe the expectations of you as the tenant renting the home, and of the landlord who is renting you the home.

Many people who want to rent or buy property go through a real estate agent. Real estate agents will have a list of available properties and monthly costs.

Find more information about renting in Ontario:


When buying a home, ask yourself:

  • What is affordable?
  • What is the right property?
  • How is financing secured?
  • How is an offer made?

Consider using a real estate agent if you would like to buy a home. Real estate agents have access to houses for sale and can help protect you from unforeseen situations or issues.

Resources for buying a home:


Homeowners have to pay property taxes. Find Brantford property tax information and learn about property assessments and tax rates.


You can buy electricity or gas from a local distribution company or an energy retailer. Some energy retailers require the signing of a contract. 

Union Gas is a major Canadian natural gas storage and distribution company.

Brantford Power provides electricity distribution.

The City of Brantford's Customer Services - Utilities department handles water and wastewater services.

Short-term housing

The City of Brantford can help support low-income families with housing.

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