Brantford’s new City Hall opens to the public August 16, 2021

New Brantford City Hall at 58 Dalhousie

BRANTFORD, ON – In 2014, the City began developing a new Accommodations Strategy that included a comprehensive review of the City’s administrative offices, buildings and projected space requirements over the next 30 years. With a focus on improving economic efficiencies and customer service, the assessments identified a need to consolidate City services in order to save on long-term operating expenses and make accessing City services from a central location easier for residents.

Following a five-year process involving public engagement, comprehensive studies, planning, design, and interior reconstruction, the City is excited to announce that the new Brantford City Hall located at 58 Dalhousie Street in downtown Brantford will open to the public on August 16, 2021. Among the changes, residents can expect to experience a more seamless delivery of City services through easier and more convenient access in one central location.

Let’s talk about your new City Hall

As a way to preserve this momentous occasion in history, the City has installed a Time Capsule in the front hall of the building (Heritage Hall) that is marked with the date that the City officially took possession of the new City Hall and the date that the Time Capsule is to be opened 20 years from now. The objective of the Time Capsule is to show Brantfordians of the future what makes Brantford special in 2021 through stories, photos, illustrations, artwork, video or other creative ways. Selected photos/videos/stories will be revealed publicly as part of a series of public Grand Opening activities that will take place in early fall. Residents are encouraged to visit the my City Hall project page on to learn more about how they can get involved.

Quick Facts

  • The most recent update to the City’s Accommodation Strategy approved by City Council in September 2020 forecasts a savings of $21.57 million in the City’s 10-year Capital Plan and $1.12 million in annual operating budget savings. The update also reflects new business models that have come into effect since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The centralized location will house staff who previously occupied six decentralized corporate administrative facilities including 100 Wellington Square, 84 Market St., 1 Market Square, 180 Greenwich St., 1-3 Sherwood Drive, and 399 Wayne Gretzky Parkway.
  • Consistent with the City’s Corporate Energy Management Plan, renovations include green, high efficiency Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) elements throughout the building.
  • By reducing the City’s facility footprint, over the next three-year period staff estimate that the City will meet 52% of the Corporate Energy Management Plan’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction target.
  • Consistent with the City’s commitment to inclusivity, the building has been renovated to ensure it is fully accessible by all members of the community.
  • The renovated building features a fully accessible and significantly larger Council Chambers with more seating for the public.
  • For the public’s convenience when visiting the new City Hall in person, there are approximately 50 on-street parking spaces with varying time limits near 58 Dalhousie Street (19 surround the new City Hall, including two accessible spaces). Additional parking is available in Lo t#3 on Darling Street or at the Market Centre Parkade (59 Icomm Drive).


“I am excited this day has finally come and very proud of all the hard work of Councillors and staff who have contributed to this historic and major undertaking. Among the many practical and economic benefits of the new location is the fact that we will continue the legacy of public service in this renowned and iconic building – a centrepiece in the heart of the city that will also be key to our ongoing efforts to further revitalize the city’s downtown.”
- City of Brantford Mayor Kevin Davis

“The City’s previous accommodation model did not meet the needs of a rapidly growing city. Prior to the pandemic, many departments were working in dated and deteriorating buildings that were costly to operate. As we move closer to fully reopening, I am excited about the prospect of bringing a majority of City employees together under the same roof while at the same time providing a better customer service experience to residents and achieving greater operational efficiencies in the process.”
- City of Brantford Chief Administrative Officer Brian Hutchings



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