City of Brantford Recognizes Waterwise Champions

Waterwise Garden

BRANTFORD, ON – This July, the City’s Waterwise Landscape Recognition Program Committee will distribute certificates of appreciation to a number of area homes. Committee members will be revisiting properties that had been recognized for their waterwise landscaping in 2014, and honour those individuals who are still diligently maintaining waterwise techniques five years later. The program has recognized over 200 properties in our community since it was launched in 2010.

“Creating a waterwise garden not only supports water conservation and saves residents money on their water bill, but also helps to reduce stormwater runoff by managing rain where it falls on many of these landscapes,” said Leanne Knuckle, Environmental Engineering Technologist with the City of Brantford. “There are numerous attractive plants including succulents that store water and native species with deep root systems that are very good at absorbing as much water as they can get when it rains. This also allows them to go without water during the dry spells.”

This year, a new process is in place for the City’s Waterwise Landscape Recognition Program, eliminating the need for residents to apply to be recognized. Beginning this summer, committee members in proud partnership with the Brantford Garden Club will find praiseworthy gardens to award, and property owners will be formally recognized for their outstanding landscapes at a Brantford Garden Club meeting in October. 

Water use in the summer can increase by 50% because residents are caring for their lawns and gardens. Waterwise landscaping provides an attractive alternative, using drought-tolerant plants that can survive on rainfall alone. Residents should keep an eye out for lawn signs on properties in their neighbourhood that read, “Look How Beautiful You Are!” for examples of attractive waterwise landscaping they can try at home.


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