City of Brantford urges caution in response to coyote sightings

A coyote on a grassy hill

BRANTFORD, ON – The City of Brantford continues to receive reports regarding coyote sightings during both daylight and evening hours.

Given the natural settings we are fortunate to enjoy in our community, coyotes are not uncommon to various parts of Brantford. However, the close proximity of residential properties to these natural settings sometimes results in wildlife venturing into residential areas and raising safety concerns among residents.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has specific guidelines related to safety tips and preventative measures that residents should adhere to if and when coyotes are sighted in urban areas. As per the Ministry guidelines, if you encounter a coyote, keep your distance and the animal will most likely avoid you. If you encounter an aggressive coyote, there are several things you should know and do:

  • Never approach or touch a coyote.
  • Do not turn your back on, or run from, a coyote.
  • Back away from the coyote while remaining calm.
  • Stand tall, wave your hands and make lots of noise.
  • Carry a flashlight at night to scare off coyotes.
  • If a coyote poses an immediate threat or danger to public safety, call 911.

There is no need to call 911 if you see a coyote, you should only call 911 if the coyote poses an immediate threat or danger to public safety. In situations where there is an animal that may be in distress, please contact Hillside Kennels at 519-469-3247 or 1-888-469-3247. If you see a coyote within the City of Brantford, please report this using our online form on This data is being shared with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry for tracking purposes.

Residents are encouraged to secure garbage containers with locking lids or in an enclosed structure and wait to put garbage out for collection until 7 a.m. instead of the night before to prevent encounters. To keep your pets safe, keep cats indoors and never leave small dogs outside unsupervised or let any dog out of your yard off leash. Learn more tips for avoiding coyote conflicts and how to deter coyotes from your property at

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