City provides open and safe recreational space at Arrowdale

BRANTFORD, ON: On April 1, 2021 the City confirmed that construction of the Arrowdale community park would not start until the ongoing litigation regarding the sale of a portion of the Arrowdale property was resolved. Although construction of the community park will not begin immediately, the City will be opening this area as a passive recreational space for all residents to freely use and enjoy.

On April 15, 2021 the City started to remove perimeter fencing around the portion of the Arrowdale property that was retained for the future development of a community park.

In order to ensure safe and easy access to this passive recreational space, the perimeter fencing along Rawdon street and a portion of Elgin Street will be removed between April 15 – 19, 2021.

Residents will be permitted to walk the grounds, engage in recreational activities and walk their dogs on leash, among other activities. Of course, residents will be required to observe all  current COVID-19 public health guidelines and provincial orders. Currently, our community is in a provincial Stay-at-Home order, meaning that residents are asked to stay home at all times, except for essential reasons. At this time, City recreational spaces should only be used for brief exercise breaks while safely physically distancing from others outside your household. Gatherings at recreations spaces are not permitted at this time.

Fencing will remain up around some portions of the property including areas that pose a danger to residents, areas under archeological study, and the portion of the Arrowdale property that is under contract to be sold. This is being done to ensure the health and safety of residents that access the passive recreational space as well as the purchaser and its contractors who may access the property to conduct due diligence, which is their legal right to do so at this time. Consistent with ensuring public safety, at this time trees that have been identified as posing a danger to the public will also be removed and the 4 bunkers on the lands will be filled in.

Residents are reminded that golf is not permitted in the passive recreational space to ensure the safety of all persons that wish to access this area.

Residents who wish to golf on municipally-owned property are invited to book a tee time at the Walter Gretzky Municipal Golf Course and Learning Centre now open. Information regarding the amenities available at this facility is available on the City of Brantford website at


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