Interference with Ongoing Activities at Arrowdale Prohibited

Brantford City Hall

In a public notice posted on November 18, 2020 the City confirmed that the company which conditionally purchased Arrowdale would be on site conducting due diligence in the coming weeks. These activities are expressly permitted by the City and are not in violation of any court order or the ongoing litigation concerning this property.

Today, the City was made aware of an incident which involved a number of residents coming onto the Arrowdale property and approaching contractors that were in the process of conducting due diligence.

The residents that entered onto the Arrowdale property interfered with the due diligence process and came within an unsafe distance of the machinery that was being used in the due diligence process. In doing so these residents put themselves and the contractors at risk of harm and injury.

To ensure that all persons are not at risk of harm or injury while on the Arrowdale property, residents are not to approach or interfere with the due diligence process. Residents are required to maintain a safe distance from any machinery or equipment being used in the due diligence process and are not to engage the purchaser or any of its employees or contractors while on the Arrowdale property.

We understand that the sale of Arrowdale is an important issue for many residents, however, to ensure safety and security for all, any residents that enter onto the Arrowdale property and interfere with the purchaser or its employees and contractors will be committing trespass, will receive a trespass notice and will be removed from the property.  

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