Portion of Arrowdale lands to remain closed to protect public safety

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BRANTFORD, ON: On March 30, 2021 the City began fencing a portion of the former Arrowdale Municipal Golf Course. 

In December 2019 it was announced that Arrowdale would be operated in 2020 with a view to ensuring a memorable final season for patrons of the golf course. Despite the restrictions arising from COVID-19, Arrowdale’s farewell season was a success and provided golfers with a final opportunity to enjoy the course.

In  a public statement released on March 17, 2021, the City confirmed that Arrowdale would not be operated as a golf course going forward and that the portion of the Arrowdale property that has been retained for a community park would be made available for public use as open space until such time as the court renders a decision with respect to any appeal of the Divisional Court’s decision, which was favourable to the City in all respects, and found that City Council acted appropriately in this matter. Arrowdale is not public, open space and as such, residents do not have an unfettered right to access the property. It was, until the end of 2020, operated as a municipal golf course. Closing the golf course does not automatically convert the property to a park or public, open space. In the absence of operating the property as a golf course, the Arrowdale lands become vacant municipal property.

The temporary fencing that is currently being installed will separate the portion of the lands that have been retained for a community park from the portion of the lands that are currently under contract to be sold.

Although the sale has not closed, and will not close until the litigation impacting Arrowdale has been resolved, the purchaser and its contractors are permitted to access the property to conduct due diligence, which in some cases may involve the use of heavy machinery. The presence and use of heavy machinery on the Arrowdale property poses a health and safety risk to residents.

To ensure that residents are able to safely access the portion of the Arrowdale property that will be developed into a community park, temporary fencing is being installed. This fencing is intended to ensure the safety of residents as well as the purchaser and its contractors. Once the fencing is complete, all residents will have access to the portion of the property that will be retained by the City.

To ensure the safety of all persons that wish to access this open area as a passive recreation space, golf will not be permitted in the area that the City intends to open to the public.

Residents who wish to golf on municipally-owned property are invited to book a tee time at the Walter Gretzky Municipal Golf Course and Learning Centre when it opens for the season. Information regarding the amenities available at this facility and information about opening day are available at Brantford.ca/golf.

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