SC Johnson Trail underneath Lorne Bridge temporarily closed

Lorne Bridge aerial view with indicators of where the SC Johnson trail is closed

BRANTFORD, ON: The Lorne Bridge was originally constructed in 1924 and is a major connecting link between the downtown core and the West Brant neighbourhood. On a recent inspection of the bridge, City staff discovered pieces of concrete had fallen from the underside of the bridge onto the multi-use trail below. To protect public safety, the trail was immediately closed.

Staff have assessed the issues and are now in the process of sourcing an experienced Contractor to safely lift the underside of the bridge and remove any loose concrete, thereby eliminating the falling debris hazard as soon as possible. The trail will remain closed until this remedial work is complete, expected to take approximately two weeks. In the meantime, the public will be required to use the surface streets (Scarfe Avenue, Brant Avenue, Icomm Drive) to safely detour around the trail closure.

While this work is underway, Parks and Facilities Services and Operational Services staff will attend the site daily throughout to ensure the barricades remain in place. 

The Lorne Bridge is currently undergoing an assessment as part of the Three Bridges Environmental Assessment project. Once the analysis is complete, rehabilitation construction work required is tentatively scheduled to take place in 2025.

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