Brantford Transit is Moving Forward and taking the wheel of change

Brantford Transit is moving forward

BRANTFORD, ON – Brantford Transit’s commitment to shaping the future of transportation in the city is taking an exciting leap forward. The City of Brantford is pleased to announce the launch of an extensive community engagement initiative as part of “Moving Forward,” an ambitious plan to redefine Brantford Transit services to meet the evolving needs of the community.

At the heart of this initiative are comprehensive feedback opportunities that seek to understand how the residents of Brantford travel and their satisfaction with the existing transit services, including Brantford Lift. The public is encouraged to visit to have their say and join the conversation.

Community input is invaluable and will directly influence the direction of future transit expansion and service enhancements. “Your voice matters. We want to hear from you – whether or not you currently use our transit services,” said Mike Spicer, Director of Fleet and Transit Services. “Your feedback is crucial in helping us shape the future of transportation in Brantford.”

To ensure a robust and inclusive engagement process, Brantford Transit has partnered with Dillon Consulting. The engagement process will occur in two rounds, with the first round launching November 2, 2023. It will feature an online survey, workshops, and various opportunities for the community to get involved. The second round will launch in late February 2024.

Brantford Transit is taking the engagement process to the streets with pop-up sessions to be held at various strategic locations around the city to maximize accessibility for residents. This dynamic approach aims to reach more passengers and residents by going directly to where they are. The sessions are scheduled for late November and will be timed to accommodate a variety of schedules.

“The future of Brantford Transit is being created today and we need your help to reimagine how we move around the city,” said Gerry McIlhone, Manager of Transit Operations. “We eagerly look forward to engaging with as many individuals as possible.”

Over recent years, Brantford Transit routes and networks have remained relatively static, while the city’s dynamics have evolved significantly. Factors like the advent of ride-sharing services and the shift towards remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic have fundamentally altered commuting patterns. Since 2021, Brantford has witnessed a remarkable surge in transit ridership, demonstrating a clear demand for a revamped transit system. To adapt to these changing times, the Moving Forward transit plan will assess regular and express routes, frequencies, and the provision of transit services to underserviced areas.

“This increase in ridership highlights the need for efficient and convenient public transit in Brantford. Route changes or enhancements have been made throughout the years to service high-demand areas in the City, but that is not enough," said Commissioner of Public Works, Inderjit Hans. "Our Moving Forward transit plan will completely revitalize our current system to meet the needs of our valued riders and help the City adapt to the expected growth related changes for future transit users.”

As we move forward, the City of Brantford remains committed to providing safe, reliable, and customer-focused transit solutions. Brantford Transit is a vital component of Brantford’s transportation network, providing essential services to residents and visitors alike. Through continuous improvement and innovation, Brantford Transit strives to offer an exceptional transit experience that accommodates the evolving needs of the community.

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