Brantford Transit to implement spring service changes on April 7

Brantford Transit Bus

Effective April 7, 2024, Branford Transit will make changes to several bus routes and introduce a new bus route to improve service and reliability for our customers. These changes will include adjustments to the routes in order to achieve an enhanced experience for transit users.

Route 2:

  • Stop 755 at Applewood Drive and Penny Lane will be removed
  • Route 2 will no longer travel down Lynden Road en-route the Lynden Park Mall and instead, it will enter the mall from Edmondson Street
  • Stops along Lynden Road will continue to be serviced by 4a and 4c buses
  • A new stop will be added to 55 Edmondson Street near the McDonald’s location

Route 8:

  • Route 8 will no longer travel to the North West Industrial Area (see new NWIA route) and will now travel through Mayfair to Brantford Commons (Walmart plaza) following the current Route 8 Sunday schedule
  • Route 8 will no longer travel southbound down Paris Road, and instead continue down St. George Street to St. Paul Avenue, and then travel through Holmedale
  • In response to the lengthy expected Ava Bridge Detour, northbound buses will detour down Terrace Hill Street at St. Paul Avenue and Paris Road
  • Route 8 stops including Queensway Drive stops 673 and 674; and Paris Road stops 675 and 676, will be removed (see new NWIA route)
  • New stops will be added at St. George Street at Elm Street, and St. George Street at St. Paul Avenue

NWIA Route:

  • Service will operate from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. at a 45-minute frequency, including travel to the Stauffer Road Area
  • Sunday Service will not go to the Stauffer Road Area but will service the Industrial Area each hour
  • New stops will be added at Wright Street and Macklin Street; Wright Street and Stauffer Road; Macklin Street and Bowery Road; and Bowery Road at Hershey
  • In response to the lengthy expected Ava Bridge Detour, buses will detour through Holmedale and additional temporary stops will be placed at Ava Road at Westmount Boulevard, and Brant Avenue at St. Paul Avenue
  • The NWIA stop at Ava Road and Hardy Road going to NWIA will be removed and a stop at Paris Road and Sky Acres Drive will be added

Additional bus stop changes:

  • The bus stop located at North Park Street and Dublin Street on Route 4a will be removed to improve schedule reliability
  • The bus stop located on Dalhousie Street near Drummond Street on Route 9 will be moved along Dalhousie Street towards Brock Street

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we strive to enhance Brantford Transit services. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us at 519-753-3847 or email us at