City’s Vision Zero Road Safety Committee urges ‘safety first’ this holiday season

Brantford city roads

The Vision Zero Road Safety program is focused on eliminating fatalities and reducing serious injuries, with an emphasis on pedestrian, school children, older adults, cyclist and motorcyclist safety and reducing aggressive and distracted driving. 

 In July, 2018 Brantford City Council passed a motion to adopt Vision Zero Road Safety to set the simple and clear goal of zero fatalities or serious injuries on city roadways. The City’s Vision Zero Road Safety Committee encourages people to drive in safe and responsible manner to prevent fatalities or serious injuries caused by speeding or aggressive driving.

 To aid the City’s efforts, the Vision Zero Road Safety Committee is currently considering a more modern approach using available technology that supports road safety and reducing driving speeds, such as electronic photo radar devices. Automated Speed Enforcement is becoming widely accepted as a key tool in the implementation of Vision Zero Road Safety plans to curb aggressive driving.

 Vision Zero Road Safety was founded in Sweden in 1997 and is a global initiative that stresses that no loss of life is acceptable, road safety is a shared responsibility, and working together will contribute to a safe road network.

 Locally, by adopting the initiative, the City aims to make Brantford streets safer through improved education, enforcement, engineering, evaluation and engagement.

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 The City of Brantford wishes all a very safe, healthy and happy holiday season.

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