Brantford-Brant PiT Count

The City of Brantford, with the support of community volunteers will be conducting a Point-in-Time Count (PiT Count) on April 28, 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the manner in which the PiT Count is being conducted in our community will be modified to ensure community safety. Unfortunately, this includes limiting the use of community volunteers, following and reinforcing strict safety protocols and the inability to hold a community gathering.

A PiT Count is an event with two primary purposes:

  • to count the number of individuals experiencing homelessness at a specific point in time, and;
  • to survey the homeless population to better understand their recent and ongoing experiences.

During the event, citizens who live unsheltered, in emergency shelters, or are experiencing hidden homelessness will be asked to take part in a short anonymous survey. The PiT Count is a federally-mandated project that Brantford will be conducting as a designated community receiving Reaching Home funding. The information collected from Brantford-Brant’s PiT Count will be used to update housing stability programs and community support systems, including the healthcare system, with the ultimate goal of ending homelessness in our community.

If you are an organization that serves homeless individuals and want to support enumeration, kindly reach out to the Housing Stability Services Department.

Volunteer Recruitment

Due to COVID-19, we will not be recruiting community volunteers for the 2021 PiT Count. Volunteers will be sought for additional events connected to homelessness when public health conditions permit large gatherings.  Subscribe to receive updates at the bottom of this page.